May 2nd is Election Day

I thought Monday was going to be surreal, I had no idea to what degree. There was Harper showing up in Abbotsford of all places for an election rally. The Pollyanna in me wants to believe that he was keeping a former stronghold riding from turning into a battleground, but I know this is where he could count on the most supporters to show up. Then there was this business about Jack Layton getting a massage from an establishment that was under investigation for giving out happy endings. The Harper fans that trotted this out must either be stupid, desperate, or both. This can only mean that they think the NDP, of all the other parties, is actually a threat to their government status.

And then they catch Osama freakin’ Bin-Laden.

It sounds like something you’d slip in to conversation if you think the other person’s not listening. My wife does it sometimes. On the one hand, I’m glad they got him, I’m glad he’s dead so we don’t have to deal with a long and embarrassing trial, but DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

I don’t care if they all seem like the same party, I don’t care if one vote doesn’t matter, and I don’t care if you’re in a stronghold riding like mine. Get out there and show them that you are present. Non-voting is the result of a martyr complex of the worst sort. So your situation, or the country’s, is so bad that no political party could possibly help. By not voting, you are protesting the whole idea of governments and political parties! Your snowflake political opinions are too complex, too nuanced to be summed up in a mere ballot! You might think you’re Che Guevara right there, but no one actually cares if you disengage from the political process. Low voter turnouts only embolden the worst of us to run for office. You can blame the government for not caring about you, but it’s not like you’ve been caring about the government. Your MP probably didn’t even get a stern phone call from you. History is not just written by the winners. It’s written by those who choose to participate in it. Be present this May 2nd and Vote.