The Morning After

I noticed in the comments in the last entry that this blog has been noticed by a blog tracker named If you came from that website, welcome. However, I think I should clarify my position on something. This blog tracker had assumed that I was going to Sakuracon to check out the costumes. While this is true, some might take my attitude about it to be derisive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hell, I did it, and it hasn’t kept me single by any means.

With that out of the way, I should go into how Sakuracon went. Once again the convention proved to be more the province of “Chibis”, or younger anime fans in their early teens to early twenties. While that’s all fine and good, the convention isn’t doing much to cater to the needs of the mid to late twenties anime fan like myself. There weren’t very many good panels this year, and much of the Anime being shown in the theatres and closed circuit TV I could rent at the local video store. And again, there’s the problem of fighting the almost insurmountable crowds and increasingly power-mad volunteer staff. If the comfort of friends is all I’m going to this convention for, I might be better off throwing a barbecue next April.

There was a robotech panel that was pretty cool. It had the all the traditional elements of a geek psyche panel. There was the ooh-ing and aah-ing over concept art and animatics, quasi-celebrity guests and door prizes. They were promoting a new television series, Robotech:The Shadow Chronicles. While it looks promising, I’m afraid the good people at Harmony Gold may have once again missed the point about the series they gain their inspirations from. The animatic they showed presented a very deep-voiced command staff belting out life-and-death orders to their equally stalwart subordinates. It looks like all this space opera and hardware will take the place of the character relationships that made the original series great. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll watch it. It’s got Mark Hamill for God’s sake! But I will keep my expectations guarded to say the least.

However, despite all the inconveniences, I got to spend some time with my friends and my girlfriend. There was a room party with plenty of food and drink, and I got to commune with my fellow otaku. Hopefully Anime Evolution will be better, with less crowds, more room, and of course, better panels.