The Age of DinoTown

I read the story of dino town closing down in the Vancouver Sun yesterday. Really poignant stuff. The park had survived Time Warner pulling the Flintstones license out from under them in 1994. The original owners are now retired. Their son took over the park, but developed a benign brain tumor. Though he recovered,  he sold out to a land developer so they could put an RV park in there.

I know this is how business works. The RV deal was the best the owner could ever have hoped for. My generation just seemed…so small when I read that column. The park was built for Baby Boomers and their kids. Now that the next generation has families of their own to entertain and share memories with- poof, no more theme park. The retirees need somewhere to empty their septic tanks now.

There’s a lesson here for us though. There are times when it seems like we’ll never top the Baby Boomers, let alone the Silent or Greatest Generation before it that fought WWII. We are taught that the frontier is over, that best we can ever do is to maintain the institutions that our parents built for us.

There may come a day when someone else builds a place like DinoTown, using intellectual property that’s owned by its creators and cannot be usurped by faceless Multi-nationals. (Time Warner itself is losing money hand over fist, proving that things like Multi-national corporations are a bad idea anyway.) Somehow, this is a clean break. It’s a reminder that our world is mortal, maintained by the constant care of people who love it and want to make it a better place. If we want places for our kids to play, good restaurants to eat at, and beautiful towns to walk in, we must look to ourselves to make all of that possible.