Christmas 2010 Part 3: Music

With apologies to those who work in retail.

Some would say that this is a dark time in music. Too many synthesizers, too much sex and too many repetitive cookie cutter summer jams have fields of musical creativity inert, their soil salted so that nothing will ever grow again. However, once a year, a sprig of hope perks from the cracked ground. Once a year, almost by law, we are allowed to hear Frank Sinatra on the radio again.

Old Blue Eyes is not alone. Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, Burl Ives, Vince Guaraldi, and the Beach Boys all get their turn on terrestrial radio at Christmas time. Not to mention a whole slew of symphony orchestras. A little window back to a time when mastery over musical craft meant more than image and crass attention-whoring. Some kid’s going to hear those tunes in the line to Santa and think, “Hey, I like that 5-part harmony. I wonder where I can hear something like that again?”

Not all Christmas music is worth listening to. There are probably 10 “Jingle cats” for every Judy Garland rendition of “Merry Little Christmas”, but in that month of December there is practically a UN of musical genres given play time. It could let you revisit some old favorites, or inspire the next generation of musical talent.