Climate Change, Just Climate Change

I probably wasn’t the only one disgusted with the Canadian Minister of Industry Jim Prentice when he referred the to the problem of climate change as “hype”. A mountain of scientific evidence apparently doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when you’ve a bunch of Alberta energy companies breathing down your neck. I also love how he tries to pay lip service to investment in clean technologies. Does he expect the market to take on the uncharted territory renewable energy when they have a sure thing in the tar sands? It wasn’t the market that protected Canadian investments during this recession, and it’s not going to clean up the environment either.

Now I’m not saying I believe all of the “hype” of climate change either. The extinction of the human race? Highly unlikely. But famines, floods, droughts and the Earth looking like hell in general? Certainty. Already happening, in fact. If we don’t do something about it, very bad things are going to happen. And don’t even bring up that climategate or whatever the so-called “skeptics” are calling it. If you’ve worked on any form of geographic data, you understand that those scientists are not trying to falsify anything. Since those e-mails are also 10 years old, they likely have little to no bearing on the research that continues to this day.

But if we are steadfastly refusing to take the debate of climate change outside the realm of ad hominem attacks, consider this. Upon news of the leaked e-mails, the rest of the scientific community regarded it as a non-event, while Saudi Arabian Climate negotiator Mohammed Al-Sabban stated, “It appears from the details of the scandal that there is no relationship whatsoever between human activities and climate change.”

So on one side we have the representative of feudal military dictatorship that considers freedom of the press, women, and religion as an affront to God. On the other side, we have scientists whose job it is to provide us with the technology and foresight to keep our country from looking like said feudal military dictatorship. That’s easy math, if you ask me.