Craigslist Vancouver: Deadbeat Police Scanner?!

Try this if you want to see something interesting. Go to the Vancouver Craigslist page, and go to the search page. Enter “Re:” in the search bar, select “search in post only” and select the “jobs” option. What you’ll find, among a few Remax ads, are vitriolic, profanity laden replies to some of the Help Wanted ads. I’ve subscribed to the search via RSS, and it’s like I’m getting the Weekly World news of the BC business world. There are stories of employers paying sub-standard wages or not paying at all, treating employees poorly, or bilking customers out of their money. All the dirt that’s fit to print.

I thought that this was just the usual grousing that came out of any big city. This is not so. I tried the same search in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles, and they did not have nearly the volume of complaints that Vancouver did. Toronto and Montreal were more like Vancouver, but Calgary and Edmonton were curiously silent. It wasn’t an exhaustive survey by any means, but this raises some fascinating questions about Canada and its economy. Does this mean there are more poor and disgruntled people in Canada? Are employers cheaper on average here? Do we just have a better grip on how to use a computer? Is this a cultural thing?

Whatever the answer is, this trend is a mystery too big to ignore. Does anyone out there know what this means?