Daily Scrum: Launching…Sorta

They say in startup circles that if you are not embarrassed by your first launch you launched too late. So last weekend I took down the launchrock page, redirected the domain name to my heroku server, and sent a beta invite to my wife. Yes it was embarrassing. You know, you can do automated testing, but you never really know what you are missing until you get a real person in front of your app. I didn’t realize that I was redirecting users to their profile page without any instructions as to what they would be doing. I had also failed to test for some of the url features of my e-mail templates.

I’m only going to find some of these issues if I get more fresh eyes on the page. So now, I’m going to be sending out beta invites to everyone who signed up. I’m also going to start using github’s issue system to keep track of all the little tweaks I find as I’m using the system. The first big issue I would like to tackle though is the game profiles. I still need a way to query steam so that I can maintain a large database of them. Using the steam community api, I can also allow users to claim the games they own on steam. As always, the real work has only just begun.