Daily Scrum: Spit and Polish

Now that the Beta Invite and permission system is all done and deployed, I think it’s a good time to run through the app one more time and see what needs improvement before I can start showing it to people.

The obvious first candidate for a facelift would be my front landing page, which has suffered from my attempts to create marketing copy. The best thing to do here would be to just simplify the text. I’ll just give the one-sentence pitch: A Gaming Network for Parents, Professionals, and other busy people, and tell the user what they need to do: Either sign in or request a Beta invite. Easy Peasy.

The events list on the front page and the events index seem to be pretty good for now, although I should have a My events page that lists all of the events that you are associated with.

The new events form…needs a lot of work. I should format this page using the Twitter bootstrap style rules and I should include some kind of javascript that will allow you to keep adding invitees.

Lastly, I should come up with some kind of HTML template for the e-mails. Right now they’re plain text, or worse. I’m not sure how many people actually see HTML e-mail templates, but I think I should show just the least of polish in my presentation out of respect to the users.

I should also get to indexing my database associations. If I don’t, the site is going to look really slow.

I think once all that is complete, I should start the process of transferring the domain name from the launchrock page to the Heroku site. Then, gameplaydate will be ready for its first real use case: Setting up a game for me and my wife of Kirby’s Return to DreamLand for Nintendo Wii.