Seven Days of Christmas 2010

Last year I did a 7 part blogging series on the virtue of christmas. I thought I could just lay out my feelings for the season right then and there for the whole world to see and that would be it. If I alone carried the torch for a traditional, commercialized Christmas, I could deal all the articles calling it the “One-Party State” Holiday. I could deal with the nitpicking over whether Jesus was born on December 25th. And I could even deal the constant wailing over the environment and giving money to corporations, who I am told pick their teeth with bones of children and balance their accounts in ledgers bound with real puppy hide.

But, as it turns out, I cannot. The rants seem to get more bitter and more pretentious every year, and it’s seriously bumming me out. ‘Tis the season to also be fighting Seasonal Affect Disorder, people! Christmas and the preparation of Christmas is how I make my way through the shorter days and the yearly wet death of the forests. I will not stand idly by as my favorite holiday is blamed for all of society’s ills. I know I will not change any minds about the season. If you hate all the shopping, the stress and the Sinatra of the season the following series of posts will only infuriate your puritanical little heart. But if you’re like me and like to celebrate rather than denigrate Christmas, then strap yourself in with an ugly sweater and mug of eggnog for James Strocel’s Seven Days of Christmas 2010.