Debate Hashtag Fail

Last night’s leader’s debate made for some mildly entertaining background noise. Sources say Jack Layton was the winner, though I think that was just because he was able to modulate his voice to sound vaguely human. Gilles Duceppe is once again permanently surprised by everything. It’s the same old set of issues they should have been settling in parliament instead of having to get us out of bed to say anything about it. Harper’s a criminal. Ignatieff’s an immigrant. Jack wants all your money. Gilles wants all your money for Quebec. Where are we going exactly, as a country? What purpose does parliament have beyond maintaining the status quo? You can’t make healthcare more free than it is this second. Cold War’s over. Sub-prime mortgage has all but taken care of the US. We’ve already had the Winter Olympics and won Gold for Hockey. Why not do something crazy, like go to Mars, or make Canada carbon neutral? We have a country that can make all of our dreams come true, and we’re entrusting it to an aristocracy of middle managers.

There’s not much point to an election in my riding anyways. Abbotsford isn’t conservative stronghold so much as we elect our officials based on two factors: One, their advanced age. Two, their ability to fend off large predators. I’m serious, the other candidates in the riding are trying to get votes based on “issues” and “reason”. It’s kind of pathetic to watch. Abbotsford respects strength! No amount of kissing babies is going to change that. If Madeleine Hardin decides to drop a dead coyote over her podium or something, then we might have an interesting election.