Decisions, Decisions

Voting in an election is probably one of the easiest decisions in politics. There is so much information on each candidate, so many polls, voting graphs and pie charts that there is no possible way anyone could vote in a modern election without the confidence of a zealot. If there’s a convincing case for the other guy, you can ignore it, like many voters do. Even the ballot has a limited number of boxes which are cleaner and more distinct than the messy business of lawmaking.

The true challenge of politics, in governing ourselves is the work that takes place in between those trips to the polls. We have to maintain the lines of communication with our elected officials at just about every level. Through research and information we keep those dialogues meaningful and effective. When all is said in done, wherever you are, whoever takes that oath of office, don’t let your politician rest in his or her Corinthian leather office chair. Fire off an e-mail, make a phone call, let the people in office know that you exist and have an opinion. Not because it’s your right, but because it’s your responsibility.