Everyone’s a Conduit

The internet is a funny place to try and make your mark. Your success is not only dependent on the number of eyeballs you bring to your content, but also how many people link to your content. Think about this. The greatest entertainment force of the modern age is basically driven by banal e-mails spamming up some office’s Exchange server.

This presents a conundrum for anyone trying to increase their traffic. How does one go viral? Do you just get all of your friends to post links to your site? Does buying adspace work? You can have great content all you like, but it won’t matter if no one hears about it.

I think the big question is if there is such a thing as shameless promotion on the internet. How many links can you post to digg, twitter or reddit before it becomes annoying?  The problem with our society is that we’ve got it into our head that selling is not real work. We have all the tools of mass media at our disposal, but we shy away from using them out a sense of modesty. Unfortunately, if you are trying to start a business online, modesty might be a luxury you simply can’t afford.