They hate everything we stand for. Their only objective is to destroy what we have. They are evil. Evil. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on evil lately. It seems like an energizing force in our world. Not the actual forces of evil, mind you, but the idea of it. It seems like the most powerful societies in the world make their way by waging war on the forces of evil. America and Britain do it with the war on terrorism. China does it with its anti-Japan protests. Canadians don’t seem to do it much. Perhaps that’s why we’re considered a sideline player on the global stage.

However, this struggle still pervades our society on smaller levels. The Liberal Party is evil, the NDP party is evil, fundamentalists are evil, homosexuals are evil. If someone out there disagrees with you strongly enough, it’s likely you’ll be labelled as evil. But in that context, being called evil can be considered a badge of honor. You become a media phenomenon, with petitions, political lobbies, protest, and increased duct tape sales all just to keep you from getting your way.

Perhaps we’ve overused the concept of evil in political and social discourse. Anybody you label as evil is just as likely to call you evil back. And think of the attention it will visit on your enemies. Not the kind of thing you want to happen on a vendetta.

Pleas read this.
It’s a lovely article about Republicans and Jesus.