FV Business Showcase

Here I am with Rob from Liquidus Plumbing, Manmohan from Endless Beauty, Tim Garofano from Say it with Cake and Renee Gillett from SUCCESS

There are two occasions for which a man will obsessively groom himself: When he’s going on a date, and when he’s trying to make a sale. I wore a suit to my first trade show, as you can see from the photo. Not to impress everyone with my fashion sense, mind you, but so I would feel confident myself. I still managed to feel a little bit underdressed though. After all, there were legitimate business people attending. I was just…me!

I took a few laps around the space to gather my bearings. You could tell who was clearly having fun there from those who’d much rather be back at the office. I tried out both sitting at the SUCCESS booth and working the room. Both approaches had their advantages. When you were talking to people in their own booths, there was a lot of information you could glean from their sales pitches. You found out what they were like, what some of their challenges were, and most importantly how to use their services if you needed to. While I was in the SUCCESS booth, people were more willing to break the ice. I could also offer them chocolate, so that was another plus. This was more of a getting-to-know-you event than a sales opportunity. It’s like we were all trying to replicate the closeness of main street on the convention floor.

In total, I got about 30 leads from the trade show. I have no idea if any of them will bear fruit, but it’s certainly going to keep me busy on the phone for the next few days.