The Generation That Adulthood Forgot

Sara and I caught he last fifteen minutes of CBC doczone’s “hyper parents and coddled kids” and were promptly horrified by what we found. If the show was to be believed, people our age are in the habit of bringing parents in to salary negotiations, and getting them to phone our supervisors after we say things during performance reviews like “the only difference between me and you is age”. Would somebody tell me when we signed off on this kind of behavior? Do we officially have no shame?

I pray to God that this an urban legend propagated by a few hilarious anecdotes. It’s something to assure retiring baby boomers of their unassailable superiority. I love my Mom and Dad, but I would not have them putting up plants in my office, and my Mom’s quite the gardener. Then again, if people like the Brazen Careerist can make six figures telling people how to keep young workers, maybe there is something else at work here. If companies today are hiring their workers based on school performance alone,  those high grades could be attributed to intense parental involvement. The more these kids see helicopter parenting pay off through their grades, the more they are going to tolerate it. Along with this comes the idea that any advantage, no matter how ridiculous, should be exploited to its full potential. So in the end, we are looking at a very focused section of the work force. These are companies that are looking for the perfect transcript, and get workers who are good at school, but not as good at, say, cutting the umbilical cord.