Heat Wave

The global consensus is in: It is hot. Whether you believe in global warming or not, the palpable weight of heat and light is upon us. Curiously though, I have never been around so much air conditioning. I’m a much bigger fan of freezing weather than sweltering weather, but there is a kind of truth in feeling so hot that you can’t even sleep. It causes you to wonder about where you are and how you got here.

Let’s start with the heat, shall we? The obvious culprit is the air conditioners, which caused the greenhouse gases that are keeping the globe so toasty right now. I’m trying to plan a wedding now, that would be due to the success of proposing to my sweetie earlier this month. I’m preparing to head off to school, so I can get a better job, so I can take said Sweetie out to sushi every now and then. And now I’m trying to be a writer, by maintaining this blog for the third time this month.

These days I find that I can’t have fun any more unless I plan it out. The California trip was a good example of that. The most fun I had on the trip was the stuff I had planned out, I couldn’t just place myself somewhere and wait for something to happen. I think it’s a function of my perception of time. As we get older, each day gets shorter as it begins to represent a smaller and smaller percentage of our total lifespan. Does this change at all when we get older?

I wonder if women are better at a expressing “slice of life” stories than men are. When men converse over the days events, there’s none of the emotion, inflection, or underlying drama with each and every inconvenience of the day. Would comics like Jennie Breeden’s The Devil’s Panties or Yazawa Ai’s Nana have the same manic energy if they were created by men?

Is it just me, or is science fiction fandom or any other hobby just feel better in smaller towns? Without the noise and bustle of the city around you, is it not easier to focus on the things you love? When you create, is there not less distraction from your art? Is it not easier to be different in a small town, whereas there is so much competition in the city?

It may be to hot to answer these questions right now. If there are those of you out there who feel you are up to the challenge, hold a frigid can of your favorite drink to your temple and give them a try at this space. I look forward to your discussion.