I Hate Franz Ferdinand

Okay, it’s been weeks since my last update, again. Usually when I write in this space, I try to make a point, or give a focused point of view on something juxtaposed against the events of my life. If you’re into that kinda crap, take to the archives. Let’s this be one of the first “I’m alive and I got nothing” filler posts on this blog. It will not be the last.

I set this blog up so be my home on the web, the first place you go to when connecting to me or my work. But if I were to google “James Strocel”, the first page that comes up is from a comic I haven’t worked on in 3 years! Well, I’ve got no one to blame but myself for this. First off, I don’t update often. Secondly, I haven’t bothered to do any of the
keeno neat things that attract the kind of traffic that would make this blog, well, profitable.

Yeah, I promised myself this would not be a blog about me brushing my teeth or the yelling guy in West Kitsilano, but this is ridiculous. This isn’t even about the page views. I want to be producing something that other people can read on a regular basis.
I have obsessions I want to talk about. Geeky obsessions. Want an example? Legend of Galactic Heroes. It’s slow, ponderous, difficult to understand or even get a hold of the episodes. But I love it. LOVE IT I tell you!

Whoo! Starships!

Here, have Mr. T tell you where to go.

Star wars and Transformers, two great tastes, but do they go together?

And so what if I get comments that my posts suck? I should be so lucky! Whether you’re in writing, sports, or the restaurant business, it’s not what you can produce when the wind is right or the planets are in alignment, it’s what you can do when you are out of breath and overwhelmed on hour 25 of the day that defines the measure of man.

Oh well, at least Yahoo still loves me.