In the Interest of Posterity

It’s been 5 years since 9/11, the worst attack on US territory since Pearl Harbor. The United States and its allies are a little wiser to the machinations of Al Qaeda and their ilk, but only time will tell if they are doing the right thing. The rebuilding of Iraq continues, for better or for worse, along with the rebuilding of Afghanistan, for better or for worse. It was lack of proper security and information sharing that led to the attacks in the first place; however the advancement of technology to rectify the situation seems to be outpacing the democracy to regulate it.

I believe that Canada has a duty to increase its military budget not only to help its allies but to affect international events on its own terms. There are many choices to make concerning the use of military power, but the one choice we don’t have is non-involvement. This isn’t a more dangerous world, it’s just a smaller one, and we must have every resource available to bargain with our neighbors.