Indie Games

I wonder if the existence of games like Braid are holding the indie games scene back. The game has been critically praised so totally and unconditionally that it has created the impression that the only games worth doing are high-concept brush-painted affairs with incomprehensible stories set to a soothing Celtic soundtrack. For all it’s musings on the concept of time and causality, Braid gives credit to the idea that the progress of the video games medium flows only one way.

How many projects out there are lying dormant because their developers don’t want to release something that is less “perfect” than breakouts like Braid? If games like I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 are any indication, you can be successful through the honesty and humanity of your work, rather than infinite layers of polish. I’m not saying that indie games would be better without Braid, but up and coming game makers would do well do ignore it while they carve their own paths to greatness.