Introducing: What’s On Thursdays

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the internet as if it was the coming media apocalypse that would wipe out the wasteful and decadent traditional media that canceled your favorite TV show. Truth be told, if such an apocalypse happened today, (let’s just say for the sake of the argument that the switch to HDTV didn’t go so well) not a whole lot would be left behind. It would be a vast sea of ads and pornography punctuated by roving bands of cannibalistic mutants that use the “Numa-numa” song as their war cry. Not many people know exactly how to make money off internet content. A lot of the systems and business models that allow it to happen are generally in the experimental stage. It seems like the only people making money off internet advertising are people who sell advertisement systems. Yet still, actors, writers, and filmakers are trying to make content for the internet without the hassle of studio systems, executives, and thousands upon thousands of script notes. The question is, who are they, and where can we find them?

This week I will be posting a new weekly series called What’s On Thursdays.  It’s not about shows that are on Thursdays, these shows that can be seen any day of the week if you like. Each week I’ll be reviewing a new internet-only video series to explore what’s in store for the future of the medium. I’m choosing to focus on internet video because it’s seen as the final frontier for the internet. The internet has proved that it can distribute text, pictures and audio better than any medium on the planet. Video is still held back by distribution of broadband speed levels. It’s also one of the most labor-intensive forms of media out there. If any industry could use a reduction in overhead, it’s TV and film. Tomorrow’s review is going to cover one of the most popular internet video series out there: Felicia Day’s The Guild.