Last Cause for Introspection

Last Cause made my heart soar just before it broke. If I could see a few movies a year like this, I would be one happy panda. A conspiracy movie about Gundam-style mechs and cloning set in a dystopian future? Sweetheart, you had me at Gundam-style. It’s crowdsource-funded movie project put together by some FX professionals in Los Angeles. Right now they just have a documentary video, a few photoshopped stills, and a quick synopsis. It doesn’t seem like the most original thing on the planet, but then again, what is? The production art looks amazing. You can tell these guys want to stretch the limits of their abilities on this project. As much as I’m impressed by this, and as much as I want this project to happen, it just reminds me how much of a hypocrite I’ve been.

I once considered myself to be a creative person. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I had even written my own Mecha series pilot in grade 12. I still managed to do it every now and again. There’s a webcomic out there with my inkstain on it. I wrote a monologue in University that was performed twice. I’ve tried scratch my writer’s itch through this blog, but I realize I wrote my last piece of complete fiction (not counting the financial projections for my business plan) 5 years ago during a writer’s workshop with Harlan Ellison.

There are few reasons why I stopped writing. First there are the insane statistics of the publishing industry. Something like 3 percent of manuscripts make it to print. Then there’s the respect for writing. When every mouth-breather on gets to call themselves a writer, it’s a little discouraging. I thought I should develop some other trade so I would have something to fall back on. I was spending most of my time trying to get “real” a job in computers, and even then it’s been a struggle.

Now, here are these guys, with almost no money, getting funding to make their dream project. I’ve been shamed. I’ve been waiting for a sure thing too long. I’ve forgotten what age I’m living in. I don’t need to beg some publisher, director, or artist for permission to create anything. The next post on this blog is not going to be some blow-hardy crap about marketing. It’s going to be a story. Maybe the start of a novel, I’m not sure yet. If it’s 10,000 hours until world-class success, it’s time to start on hour one.