The Device That Shall Never Be Known As iPad

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Image Courtesy Gizmodo

The Apple Tablet was presented yesterday, providing the It workers of the world with a much needed extended coffee break.

No sooner did Steve Jobs hang up his turtleneck for the day when all the complaints started rolling out. It doesn’t have a camera, it doesn’t have a phone, it doesn’t have HDMI. Would you get a load of that closed software architecture? You’ll have to blow a raspberry on Steve Wozniak’s tummy before you can even look at the sdk! On and on and on.

I’m not going to be lining up for this gadget any time soon, no matter how Starship Enterprise-like it may or may not be. I also realize it wasn’t made for someone like me. This is for people who have money, but can’t be bothered to futz with the iPhone’s rate structure or are intimidated by a MacBook. Unbelievable, I know, but they exist.

When you are in the computer industry, it’s so easy to forget no one has any idea what we’re talking about when we say something innocuous like “spreadsheet cell”. The more our trade is arcane and exclusive, the more our world is held back by people who don’t understand the potential of the devices they sit in front of every day at the office. It’s the reason we don’t have things like 3G voip services and voicemail boxes that “fill up”. I don’t care how many features this tablet doesn’t have. If it teaches people how to use and trust technology, I’m all for it.