Those who begin the journey will not see its end. RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

It’s been impossible not to be affected by Steve Jobs’ passing. We aren’t worried about what’s going to happen to Apple. The next iPhone will probably be as shiny and advanced as all the previous generations. The thing that’s hit the hardest this past week is the notion that the personal computing revolution is now officially mortal.

Our movement is known for its youth and vitality. The future doesn’t come from aged scientists working in the bowels of huge conglomerates, but by these kids working out their garages and dorm rooms. From the humblest of beginnings, we built computers, phones and websites that help us work better, bring families together, and move entire nations forward.

And now, one of the first, and perhaps foremost of these visionaries has passed. Eventually, the same will happen to his contemporaries. That’s not news to us, but it’s a bitch to be reminded.

Steve Jobs left a great legacy, but I think his greater legacy will be those who come after him. They will not be those who simply try to copy his black turtleneck and use of Keynote. They will be unknown and unheralded, but they will have courage to step into that garage and try to change the world yet again.