Kashoo: A New Challenger Appears!

Aaaaand that was my attempt to make accounting software sound exciting. Let’s face it, nobody likes bookkeeping, but if you’re the one stamping your own paycheck, there’s no avoiding it. After continually filling the wrong cells in my spreadsheet template, I decided it was time to spring for an online accounting solution. I was about to turn the key on a membership with LessAccounting, when I found Kashoo, an online accounting app that was only $10 a month, accepted downloaded transactions from banks, and integrated with my invoicing system at Freshbooks.

Kashoo came with the 30 day trial, so compared with Lessaccounting’s 7 day trial, I had nothing to lose by signing up. Sure, it didn’t have the automatic transaction download that lessaccounting had, but I decided I was adept enough to import my own banking. I downloaded my statement from envision from quickbooks, pressed upload on the import sheet, and voila! All of my transactions made it in. It had me verify them all, but I figured that was only fair. It even accounted for the HST I spent on my expenses! The Freshbook integration was also superlative. Once the API key was entered, it was tracking all of my invoices, providing sales tax reports and even accounting for aging invoices! The next step was to import my Paypal transactions. Unfortunately, trouble set in.

Since paypal doesn’t let you download transactions in quickbooks, you are relegated to downloading them in qif and csv formats. The app didn’t recognize the qif format (though it said it would) and when I uploaded the csv, it had some real problems decoding the date format. I set the format to be month/day/year, but November the 1st still came out as January 11th. I wrote an e-mail to their support team asking about the best way to input Paypal. They replied that at this time the only way to enter paypal transactions was to enter them manually. They are planning to integrate paypal, but they have no timeline on when that would happen.

Kashoo is a nice webapp, but the Paypal thing was an absolute dealbreaker for me. Paypal the main pay gateway for my business. I’m spending money on accounting software because I don’t want to spend time entering each and every transaction from my bank accounts. Freshbooks allows you to accept payments through Paypal, so it strikes me as a little screwy that they would support Freshbooks but not Paypal. In the end, I had no choice except to sign up with LessAccounting. However, as you’ll see in tomorrow’s post, LessAccounting has quirks of its own.