Does Living in Abbotsford Embarrass You?

Livingsocial put out a facebook ad a while back about Abbotsford’s “Bucket List”. What are the 365 things you need to do in Abbotsford before you die? I must confess, the first thing that sprung to my mind was “Leave.”

Abbotsford is a city that takes a little too much pride in its folksy-ness. If you’re a kid growing up here with a love for science, literature, and very particular styles of Norwegian Black Metal, it’s a culture that can kind of get on your nerves. You want to flee from the blank stares of disgust and confusion to a place that’s not a conservative party stronghold! A place where one can find intelligentsia, symposia, or at the very least some decent dim sum. Unfortunately, many Abbotsford escapees are struck down by real estate prices and an unfriendly job market.

The more I meet other professionals in this town, the more I get the sense that they feel they are settling by moving here. They believe that because they didn’t have the grades, the charisma, or overall business sense they are banished to view Canada’s Pacific jewel at a distance while knee-deep in the Cow manure. Their dreams have taken a back seat to adult reality.

It’s a good thing I’m living the dream here.

When I worked in Vancouver, I was subject to management that wasn’t even on this continent for an hourly pittance. Now I have my own company, and I feast or famine on my own efforts. I belong to the Fraser Valley Ruby Brigade, a programming club so renowned that it attracts developers from Vancouver to its austere ranks. This city has so much room to grow technologically. And I do this all from a nice, new, affordable two bedroom apartment where I live with my beautiful wife. Am I embarrassed to live in Abbotsford? As it stands right now, I’d be embarrassed to live anywhere else.