Long live Robotech!

(Reprinted from AE newsletter)
It’s official, Robotech has returned. On November 21st, 2006, Funimation will be releasing the DVD version of the 90 minute movie “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles”. This will follow a limited theatrical release at film festivals across the country. After 20 years the groundbreaking animated series will make its triumphant return, chronicling the adventures of Scott Bernard as he searches for Admiral Rick Hunter’s Robotech expeditionary force.
Kevin McKeever, Product Coordinator for Harmony Gold, was on hand to give us the goods on what is expected to be a stellar production. Kevin was also able to give us an inside look on the business side of Robotech, including the trials and tribulations leading up to the film’s release.
Some fans may recall the announcement at Anime Expo 2005 that a distributor had been found for the movie and that an announcement was going to be made at the San Diego Comic-con later that year. Of course, Comic-con rolled around, and no distributor was announced. This was because the distribution deal they were about to sign did not include a guarantee of release clause. This would relegate the finished, ready-to-distribute film to a vault for at least five years. The deal understandably fell through. Fortunately, Funimation stepped up to the plate, and now the continuing story of Robotech will finally see the light of day.