How NOT to market online

SEO marketers, Mortgage brokers, and business people everywhere! Lend me your ears, for I come to tell you how NOT to market on the internet.

There are so many blogs on how to market online, how to find your spirit, how to “crush it” these days.There’s no way that all of these techniques could work all of the time. There are ways not to market on the internet. Why else would there be an extension called adblock?  It all sounds too good to be true. If it was all true, we wouldn’t be hovering around 12 percent unemployment right now. You could just put your resume on google adsense and some giant conglomerate would take care of your career needs for all time.

So let’s think about this. Can you think of a time whenever you’ve been sold something while surfing and have been completely disengaged? I can think of a few. Some banner ads have been pure eye cancer for me. If I ever receive a facebook message that starts with “Dear Friend,” I know somebody wants to talk to me about my mortgage, which I already bought and am making payments quite regularly, thank you very much. Those especially get on my nerves.

I don’t my being sold stuff on Facebook, especially from my friends, but would it kill anybody to leverage all this personal information I’ve got out there? If you want to get at my money, it would help to look me in the eye first. Business is about finding pain and alleviating it for money. How about finding my pain instead of causing it?

So in summation: Mass Facebook messages = How not to Market on the internet. Does anyone else know any bad online marketing ideas?