Marketing Blues

When I started V2S web design, I decided I was going to be a friendlier, more approachable kind of web company. I’m the web designer that will answer all of your questions, no matter how basic! I’ll have screencasts and little blog posts de-mystifying all of this cybernetic greek for you! I’ll even call up you business and tell you how I can make the internet work for your business.

Reality is hard.

Screencasts take time and effort to produce. It involves being able to (shudder) listen to the sound of your own voice. Blog posts have to be punched out like license plates when I want my writing flow out like an artist’s painting. And calling businesses directly? Cold-calling is cold-calling, no matter how much background research you’ve done. It’s almost like you’re holding a cardboard sign out in Sumas saying “Will Code 4 Food.”

It would be easy to tell myself that marketing just isn’t my thing, that I should hire a professional to do it. But as it stands, I’m the only professional I know who will work for free. Sure, one blog post on my business site, won’t bring in much business, but what about 5, 10, or 50? I might not be putting out Dostoyevsky, but I’ve got to trade my artist’s beret for a bricklayer’s cap. Like it or not, the screencasts, blog posts, and sales calls are my products. Raw and untested they may be, but they won’t be able to do anything if don’t put them out there.