New Moves

This gorgeous vista comes straight to you from the new apartment Sara and I purchased last month. We had been searching for a new place for the past year. There were apartments that seemed well suited for hobbit living. There were townhouses that looked like they rented their furnace rooms to Freddy Kreuger. We probably wouldn’t even be in this situation if it wasn’t for this sweet view. There were a lot of reasons not to buy, but we realized we couldn’t put off something like this forever. It was time to move, and so we did.
I learned that owning a home was categorically different from renting. My wedding didn’t nearly have this much paperwork. Moving seems like a simple job, but it’s really a series of simple jobs, and you are likely to forget to do at least one. Things will go wrong. Things will break. Phone calls will need to be made. But there is one thing you must keep in mind, one idea that will save your sanity. It’s this: All of this is yours. Yours to own, yours to break, yours to fix. There’s no landlord, no security deposit to lose, and home depot is just waiting for you to get lost in. There might be a strata council, but you can join it and apply all your Macchiavellian know-how to get that hanging basket up. Once you realize that, internalize that, you are truly a home owner.