Taking in the Olympics

Sara and I went to see Vancouver under the heady influence of the Winter Olympic Games. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else had the same idea. Then again, in North America we have funny ideas about what “crowded” is. If this was Tokyo, this would pretty much be your average Saturday. A lot of the gridlocks had more to do with people not used to behaving in a crowd situation. I think we also could have benefited from the Japanese fervor for signage, too. The volunteers were fantastic at moving everyone along. If it weren’t for their upbeat attitudes,there is no way that the city could pull off something like this. Would I say that the games were worth it? If Vancouver can handle crowds like these, surely smaller events will be easier to organize in the future. So if this means there’s more stuff to do in Vancouver, then yes, the games were worth it. Click on the cut to see more pictures.

A blurry Mike Mcardle

Gordon Camphell stopped by for some autographs