“What’s your Passion?”

That has to be my least favorite job interview question. “What’s Your Passion?” It’s so loaded. If you are able to do your job, or even excel at it, why should passion be a factor? I don’t have to wonder where my next paycheck is coming from. That makes me feel passionate. What if my passion doesn’t directly relate to my job? For instance, I like to write, but I can think of a lot of reasons not to do it for money. What if the reason I have my passion is that it takes my mind off work?

Here’s another thing. It’s always passion. Singular. What if you have several? You might want to do programming 5 days of the week and go skiing for the other two. You can be passionate about the environment and small government budgets. I guess the thing I hate most about “What’s Your Passion” is that it makes it so obvious that the interviewer is only pretending to care about who you are as a person. Job interviews are commerce, plain and simple. To ignore that fact is nothing short of patronizing.