Poetic Justice

Friends, Family, readers all, let me direct you to something that’s truly wonderful on these inter-connected networks. It is called LJdrama.org, short for livejournal drama. For those not in the know, Livejournal is a free online diary service which people use to broadcast their thoughts and daily goings on to the world. Unfortunately, It has also become the tool of the galactically petty. It’s misused for gossip, exclusion and bald-faced libel. And that’s where LJdrama.org steps in. It takes the most bizarre entries in the livejournal universe and displays it all for the morbidly curious to see. I’ve had my own experience with this kind of unmitigated crap, the details of which I’m way too classy to write about here, and I can honestly say this is a needed and welcomed public service. 10 years after the internet hit it big, people still think it’s so bloody clever to bitch out people over a global network like they were talking behind their backs. People like that never called on their insanity by their friends, and with good reason. The LJ drama queen would simply retreat into a bunker-like persecution complex and go further off the deep end. However, since LJdrama is a sinister third party, they can give these poor people a look in the mirror without emotional retribution. And who knows? Maybe a little time in the public stocks of the internet would put these LJ drama queens on the path to some real psychological help, and give us all a good laugh in the process.