The Road

If you’re like me, nothing clears your head like a good road trip. All the half forgotten worries of everyday life melt away when your only concern is the next town and whether you have enough fuel to get there. Funny little wisps of ideas float through your mind. Most sail off behind you like roadside dandelions, but a select few have the honor of leaving the car with you.

Here’s one idea from my most recent trip. This is a wonderful and ultimately mortal part of my life. Friends are getting married. Babies are being born. Behind all that joy is a great sense of consequence that I’ve never experienced before and probably never will again. If there is an exact point in time where one truly becomes an adult, I think I may have found it. It’s that moment in time where you’re suddenly responsible for a new generation of people. The sense of control is very fleeting. Our children and families are their own people, and sometimes it’s a struggle not to get swept up in all the carry-on. But once we make that fateful step into the rest of our lives, our deeds become legend, prologue to all that is. The memories will provide strength, caution, and laughter to all our friends and family in the present and future.

So to my friends Phuc and Xuan, my sister-in-law Jen and her fiancée Ryan, to my cousin Verena and her fiancée Jay, to my friend Tarra’s sister Kirsten and her fiancée Jeff, and most of all to my wife Sara and all my other friends I am experiencing this with. You are all magnificent. It is an honor and pleasure to pay witness to any one moment of this, and you’ve given me all of it. Godspeed, all of you.