Sarah Palin

When I first heard that Sarah Palin was resigning her Governorship of Alaska, I thought, Good for her! The strain on her and her family during her vice presidential campaign must have been intolerable. Both her and John McCain were not exactly the kind of leadership the US needed at that point. Her performance during her speeches and interviews weren’t exactly helping the Republican party’s already dismal reputation. Yet instead of hanging on to a position that wasn’t quite the right fit for her and her family, she decided to take the high road and check out early.

What’s this? What do you mean this is a political move to run for president in 2012? What do you mean, she blames the media for her political credibility? What the hell did she say during her resignation speech?! Seriously, did anyone get the foggiest idea what she was talking about there? She used so many folksy political cliches that I wanted to reach through my computer screen and tape Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” to her forehead. Upon closer inspection of the speech, she references her many accomplishments as governor and her kids as reasons that she considers her work finished in Alaska. The mushy logic of her speech and her refusal to name the people that she’s criticizing may have something to do with her plans as presidential candidate. I’m a little shaky on how the election process works, but do the rules governing presidential candidates warrant all these veiled threats and generalizations?

For a potential first female head of state, I think the United States can do better. It blows my mind that professional politicians are willing to spend any time on her based on the fact that she’s a woman and the mother of young children. No one in their right mind is going to say a woman can’t be President because she’s too “emotional”. Look up Margaret Thatcher if you believe otherwise. Simply electing a female president is not progress. It’s only progress when she manages to keep a balanced budget, clean up the environment, or get the entire US on some sort of health insurance. There are many qualities that make a great leader, and idle novelty is not one of them.

If this is the first female candidate for President, the United States can do better.

She’s more about what she stands for, rather than what she does.