Say It With Me Now: Prorogue!

So after realizing that 143 seats does not a mandate make, Stephen Harper has convinced the Governor General to prorogue, or suspend parliament until early January. Personally, I wanted the coalition to oust the Prime Minister. Not because I think they’ll make a better government, but because I wanted someone to pay for the state of Canadian politics.

Dion was well on his way to being that person. The Liberal party lost all of those seats because they could not shake their image of an Ontario-centric Canada. They didn’t even seem to realize that they were talking down to the voters. They should have addressed that and made visible efforts to change.
With a new party leader, the Liberals could perhaps rethink their approach to governing and ultimately come up with a better party.

However, when Harper introduced the economic update, he made it clear that he should be the one to suffer. To cut his opponents’ election funding from the budget and to punish their voters (i.e. public workers) by taking away their right to strike means that Harper isn’t in Ottawa to make the country better, he’s just waging a personal war for seats in the House of Commons. He can yell all he likes about “what Canadians want”, but to pull a stunt like this after an election means that he has no idea what Canadians want. We want a minority conservative government. The reason Canadian politics has been so “boring” is that we as a people have no desire to go on these grand political adventures from the left or the right. A government where no party has a clear mandate has no power to carry out any kind of agenda, and that suits us just fine.