The Search for Intelligent Life

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When I heard the news report that the British government was closing down its UFO hotline, I thought to myself, if this was the start of a Doctor Who episode, this would be the exact moment where my organs would be sucked out for use in a hilariously impractical death ray. Fortunately, either Earth isn’t prone to those kind of threats, or human organs just don’t make very good death ray fuel.

I’ve always felt the question of whether you believe in extra-terrestrials or not is an asinine one. It’s not a question of believing. Aliens either exist or they don’t. That’s like asking if I believe in Hungarians. Besides, no one wants to be the guy who said, “I believe that humans are the most advanced form of life in the universe” when the giant head of Morena Baccarin appears over New York City. Not even a lifetime of slavery in a distant galaxy will let you let you live that down.