Stop Me Before I Twitter Again

Comedian and Wil Wheaton homeboy Shane Nickerson reveals the true face of twitter and all other social media phenomena. Behind the Venture Capital wishes and Initial Public Offering dreams of every internet sensation, there lies a twisted sea of broken dreams and invisible people. The media makes the internet sound like some kind of turn-key gold-rush, where you can make billions by typing a few keystrokes and lounging by the pool. In truth, there are armies of hard working people struggling to get a single dime or even a moment of your attention, but whether it’s a lack of Charisma, talent, or shamelessness, they just can’t get off the sidelines. Tell them, Shane. Tell the world. And for the love of God, will somebody retweet this man?
[Warning: NSFW Language]

F Twitter from Shane Nickerson on Vimeo.