Would You Like to Take a Survey?

You know a company has jumped the shark when it starts giving you long involved surveys to fill out. I’m not talking about little five point “rate your service” radio buttons in an online form, I’m talking homework, where you have to fill 20 questions and rate your answers from not likely to very likely. When a company does this, it means that they have gotten too big. They now have an internal culture they have to please with reams and reams of chart porn explaining why they have to do anything except warm chairs in a board room.

It means that they are now officially out of ideas and are reduced to begging their customers for information. God forbid that the management makes a decision, or heaven forfend they ask their front-line employees! Fortunately, it’s also an uncommon indicator of opportunity. Where ever there is a place where a large company cannot fill a need and cannot expand its reach, there exists a small niche where anyone, anyone at all, can carve out a small business empire.