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Library Books: I Have A Problem

Has this ever happened to you? You go to the library looking for one book, and suddenly that book turns into three, four, five, or this cry for help pictured here. Libraries are horrible simulacra for the joys of the consumer experience. Because the initial cost is zero, you tend to fill your bag with books thinking that it’s such a great bargain. Do you know how many books in that pile I actually finished? One. That white Seth Godin Book in the middle. All the while the books lie around the house, tripping you up because you thought, in your infinite wisdom, that if you put it out in the middle of the floor, you would remember to read it! My wife even got me a decorative basket in which to put these wayward books. Last night, I took this whole pile back to the library. Don’t let anybody tell you that free is the ultimate price for consumers. It just leads to hoarding.