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Naturally Speaking

I’ve been playing around Dragon NaturallySpeaking, this voice recognition software I picked up for Boxing Day. It works surprisingly well, even though I’m driving my wife crazy by saying “scratch that” every time it makes a mistake. It’s a lot like training a dog. Very intuitive, but it needs constant attention to make sure that it follows your commands directly. Also, like a dog, I find I have to train myself to work with it. If I want this thing to write what I say, I now have to speak my thoughts as they form in my head. It’s an adjustment for me. I’ve gone through life fully convinced that if I say the first thing that pops into my head all the time, I’d soon end up in a ditch with a sharpened Star Wars action figure jammed into my side (Don’t ask). I think that because I find it so difficult to dictate to a computer, perhaps I should keep doing it. Good ideas are useless if they just take up space in your head. If I can practice expressing them quickly and clearly, I might be able to put a few of them to good use.