The Art of the Pitch

Kevin McKeever, Product Coordinator for Harmony Gold was not only here [at anime evolution] to promote the new Robotech movie, he was also gracious enough to field a few questions from local independent film makers and give a few tips on pitching ideas:

    “Be polite”

Production companies will be spending the next 18 months with you on your project, so it goes without saying that you need to be nice to them.

    “Be competent”

First-time film makers should come prepared with some aspect of their vision, be it a script, a storyboard, or even a short film. Business cards are a must.

    “Dress Professionally”

Cosplay in particular is discouraged when you are pitching your project. While it may demonstrate your enthusiasm, production companies need to be confident you’ll make the right decisions when the film goes over budget.

    “Don’t insult the person(s) you are pitching to”

If your idea is good enough, an employee at any position in the company you are pitching to can become a valuable advocate in getting your project made. Remember, eventually you will be pitching your project to everyone, (i.e. fans) so treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

    “Take no for an answer, there will always be another chance”

It’s not a good idea to focus or dwell on companies that reject your work. Rejections are part of the business. Once that happens, you need get back up and move on to the next company.

    “Focus on the Yes”

If a company does take interest in your work, do everything you can to work with them. It does you no good to be hurt by a rejection from a large company when a smaller company wants your intellectual property.