The Rules of the Game‘s Raul Pacheco had the opportunity to ask all three BC provincial party leaders the same three questions about the election. One of the questions was, “Give me three reasons to vote for each one of the other parties (NOT to vote for yours).” The answers were quite telling.

No leader would directly answer the question. All three used the question as an opportunity to re-iterate their party’s platform. Gordon Campbell almost had an answer by acknowledging the Green Party’s commitment to the environment. The Green Party mentioned the governmental experience of the other two parties, but used that as a basis for their argument that the Liberals and the NDP were too beholden to special interests to properly serve the public. The NDP did not make any mention of the other parties at all.

Of course, it is counter-intuitive for political parties to say anything nice about their opponents. However, shouldn’t they at least know why certain sections of the population vote for their opponents? Wouldn’t that be the whole reason they are traveling the province, shaking hands and kissing babies? I hope for their sake that they were simply providing their answers for the benefit of a popular local blog. If BC-STV referendum passes, they’ll have to be able to acknowledge why people vote for their opponents if they are going to get anything passed in the legislature. Canadians have demonstrated, at least at the federal level, that they prefer the compromise and negotiation of a minority government over the sweeping mandates and agendas of a majority. Bit by bit, we’ll all have to consult each other over which direction this country is going.