The Tireless AE Con Staffer

(Reprinted from the AE newsletter)
Anime conventions can sometimes be too much fun for attendees and staffers alike. It takes a special kind of gusto to keep the convention running smoothly for all 72 hours of its operation. The 24 hour video rooms, the dances, the concerts, all are put on thanks to the tireless efforts of staffers like Andre Chan, who we ran into Sunday morning as he was fought a losing battle for simple consciousness. Andre had slept all but 2 hours, and these were divided into 15 minute shifts.
“We’re basically doing video rooms, and making sure that everything is secure,” said Andre. His colleagues typically sleep “sometimes in the video room or pick a bench like he did (points to a sleeping colleague on a nearby bench)”.
Andre reportedly ran 6 video rooms in a 46 hour run that required only sugar and water. No caffeine or red bull is necessary to keep our staffers going. So when you’re out there cosplaying, watching panels, or just wandering the halls, be sure to give a proud salute to those boys and girls in the dark blue T-shirts.