The Voice Actors Are Back!

(Reprinted from the Convention Newsletter) Anime evolution is known as a frequent haunt of voice actors due to the number of anime dubs produced right here in Greater Vancouver. Alistair Abell and Kirby Morrow were welcomed by a crowd of screaming fans yesterday afternoon. Scott Mcneill, the consummate surprise guest, showed up a few minutes into the presentation, heading an entourage of loyal fans. These stars of such anime classics such as Inu yasha and Dragon ball Z fielded provided some well-received fan service as well as answered questions from the audience. Kirby and Alistair talked about their upcoming roles in Hack: roots and the new Highlander series, while Scott revealed that he will be playing Grumpy bear in an upcoming animated incarnation of “The Care Bears”. Sources say that this new Grumpy bear will sound like wolverine. According to the panel room chalkboard, Kirby is sexy, and Scott has sexy biceps.