If there were no barriers to life, would we still keep building them anyway? In life, we no longer have to struggle against predators, marauding hordes, and long journeys. But we still make our lives harder with bureaucracy, financial woes, and artificial rites of passage. Would we fight as hard for our ways of life if we had no opposition? This week I bore witness to a modern-day adventure. It had plot-twists, suspense and international intrigue, all the good stuff. On the plus side, nobody died, nobody got really humiliated, and best of all everything turned out okay. My friend Tarra got her K-1 Visa today so she could go down to the states to marry her fiancée, Theo. You can see a long version of the story here. Sara and I had the honor of helping the whole thing go smoothly. I made sure to thank the happy couple for sharing the whole ordeal with us. They were a little puzzled. Sure, there was a lot of stress, lack of sleep, lack of cheap parking, but I got to share a very important day with people I care about very much.

I will always remember…

The jokes about the tear gas

The glazed look the girls got when Theo and I talked about xbox 360

Making plans over a Green Tea Frappucino

Playing crossword puzzles in the sun

Getting worried when the hour-long wait turned into two hours.

Sharing smooth Sake over a job well done.

Thank you so much for giving me a day I’ll never forget.