Video game work increasing for Voice actors

Michael Dobson(Ranma 1/2, Beast Wars), Trevor Devall,(Gundam Seed, Inu Yasha) and Cathy Wessick (Cybersix, Ranma ½) were a little at loathe to talk about their current gigs as voice actors at their panel on Saturday. This was not due to an increasing amount of hentai production at Ocean studios, but an increasing abundance of work in the video game industry. This comes as no surprise, as Vancouver is increasingly becoming a hub of video game production. Publishers like EA, Vivendi Universal and even Nintendo are increasing their presence in the city, even as Canada’s rising dollar is driving away film and television productions. The productions themselves are very secretive due to the highly competitive nature of the business, according to Cathy Wessick. The actors sign air-tight Non-disclosure agreements that keep them from mentioning any part of the production they worked on. Voice actors have no idea what they are performing even before they get to the studio. The ability to perform a script on short notice coupled with the ability to work in front of a microphone gives voice actors an advantage over film actors. This advantage sometimes results in a voice actor being hired for a movie-licensed game in place of an actor that actually played a role in the film. With the power of consoles increasing, as well as the demand for realistic voice acting, it’s a sure bet that we’ll see more of our favorite voice actors in upcoming video games.