What Can You Do Right Now?

We all have skills we wish we had. When you own a business, you pretty much want all of them. Accounting skills, social skills, marketing skills, bow-hunting and computer hacking skills. But when the bills come in at the end of the month, the only skills that matter are the ones you have right now.

Last week, the SUCCESS self-employment program got me an appointment with Julia Vidacovic, a business coach from Vancouver. I would say she’s my kind of personal skills coach. She’s not so much concerned with my feelings as she is with getting me out there and making money. When you sign up to work with Julia, the emphasis is on the WORK. When I got there, she asked me where I wanted to see my business go. I told her the truth. I want to be making most of my money from high end clients that demand complicated e-commerce solutions that only I could provide. I also told her that there were a lot of other freelance programmers out there who were better than me at it.

She then asked me that question: What can you do right now?

The answer was staring right at me in my portfolio. It gave me a new perspective on my marketing. I was worrying too much about the markets that I didn’t have yet. Those clients in that portfolio represented a customer template that I could possibly replicate. If I tried to target some of the traits of those initial customers, I could see my sales increase. The more sales I made, the more permission I would have to market some more complicated services like e-commerce and Software as a Service.

I realized that this applies to every business, even every job. Everyone has something they can do. Think of it as a seed of success. It doesn’t matter how common the skill is. If you have done something for someone else, and they are happy about it, that forms a concrete basis for your marketing plan. Everything else is just guesswork.

You can find Julia and more of her wisdom at www.brightestspark.com