What’s On Thursdays: Clark And Michael

clarkandmikeWell, Michael Cera has a new comedy out, and apparently I was the last to know. Clark and Michael is the story of two hapless writers making a documentary of their journey to get their TV pilot made. They have to battle shifty agents, sleazy realtors, clingy neighbors, rival writing teams, and even their own stupidity to make their dreams come true. The humor borrows heavily from the iron-clad earnestness and obliviousness that made Arrested Development such a cult hit. Clark Duke and Michael Cera so intensely believe that they’re going to make it, even after they’re told no time after time, and even after they drunkenly paw at both male and female television executives. With a guest list that includes Andy Richter, David Cross, and Tony Hale, I have to wonder, why this was made in 2007, and I only heard of it last week?

The show is a great, self-contained experiment. It was made with low budget and it’s only 10 episodes long. Yet somehow, I got the feeling it was actually too self-contained. If there’s a place anywhere for quirky little experiments like this, it is on the internet, but I get the feeling that even if a show isn’t used for advertising, you should at least be able to click a link somewhere on there and get to more content like Clark and Michael. It would have been nice to see the show while new episodes were still coming out. I would have gladly clicked any banner ad that told me I could see a show like this. Networking is the very essence of the internet. Michael Cera and Clark Duke can do whatever they want with their own website, but when content this good isn’t used to its full potential, you can’t help but notice.

Clark and Michael can be found at www.clarkandmichael.com