What’s On Thursdays: Indy Mogul


So you want to create your own web series? Well, if you are actually watching video on the internet, chances are you are already on your way. Most new computers today come with an embedded Video camera and some type of editing software installed. But like anything with computers, you find that you already have the technology, but who’s going to teach you how to use it? Indymogul.com would like to be your answer.

Indy Mogul brands itself not as a single show, but more like a network of several shows. There’s the Best Short Films in the World with Bobby Miller, which shows 5-10 second clips of various short films on the internet book-ended with the slow, hilarious ruin of Bobby’s life. Beyond the Trailer interviews audiences for their reaction to various films in theaters. As a twist, they leave the negative reactions in as well as the positive. My favorite of these shows is Backyard FX. I am a big fan of any kind of “Making of” documentary, ever since seeing “The Making of Star Wars” on VHS in the early 80s. What makes this show unique is that it shows special effects that you can try in your own home. There’s the Rorschach mask, Wolverine’s Claws, Cybernetic Arms, and the Star Trek transporter effect. You can even e-mail Erik Beck, the show’s host, to request effects techniques that you’d like to see. They even work each effect into a hilarious comedy sketch. Watch Robot Girl from Another Dimension to see nerd-core rapping at its finest.

We like to talk about internet video like it is some kind of worker’s paradise for television. Producers, executives, advertisers, and even the FCC can’t get in the way of unfettered creativity. All you need to own the means of production is a computer and a camera. Still, it’s important to remember that no matter how inexpensive the craft of film-making gets, it’s still a craft. Fancy tools and equipment are no replacement for technique and attention to detail. Indy mogul can direct you to the resources you need to get started.