While you were out

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably wondering why the last post date was May 3rd. This time there is a good reason for that. I’ve been working on a new blog that’s a little more market oriented. It’s called The First Thirty Minutes. It’s a gaming review blog with a little twist. I realized that most of the higher traffic sites out there had somehting to do with video games. So I thought to myself, why not create game review site with a little more adult slant? But then I thought, how am I going to have to time to play through all of these games? The solution was critique these games only the first thirty minutes of play.

If you’re young professional these days, chances are you’ve played some form of video game, but since you don’t have the time surplus of your average college student, the most play-time you’ll get with a game in any given day will 30 minutes. Apply that standard to console game rentals, and 30 minutes will be all that you ever experience with a game. How are you supposed to spend your money wisely under these circumstances?

And that’s where www.first-30.com comes in. There are only two reviews up on the site right now, but due to the workflow I’ve established they’ll come out at least once a week. So head on over, enjoy the reviews, and e-mail me with any comments.